Offical Rules Mobile Merit Awards 2013

The Mobile Merit Awards 2013 is open to all interested individuals and companies that would like to nominate a product, technology, etc relevant to the mobile sector. All nominations entered should have an impact on today's global mobile marketplace.

Nominations Deadline and Conditions
All nominations must be received no later than August 9, 2013 by 5:00p.m.PT. Entries received after that will not be judged. In addition, all entries must be submitted through the online submission form. Nominations in the Mobile Merit Awards relinquishes the rights to use any products/photos/images or materials created to be used by Mobile Merit Awards. Mobile Merit Awards and the judges reserve the right to interpret all conditions regarding this nomination without claim for damage or recourse of any kind. All nominee submitters assume 100% responsibility that they are entitled to submit on behalf of the nominated company/product/individual. Mobile Merit judges may make decisions on nomination entry qualifications or category of submission as they see fit or disqualify an entry at their discretion.

Submission Fees
• All fees are non-refundable. The submission fee is $150.00 per entry.
• Full payment of the entry fees must be submitted by the deadline date. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified.

Multiple Submissions
You may enter as many submissions as you'd like as there is no maximum number of entries permitted from a single company. You may submit as many different entries to as many different categories as you would like. However, please note that each entry must be submitted via its own completed entry form and non-refundable fee.

These "Rules" for the Mobile Merit Awards incorporate the submission eligibility, rules and guidelines. The guidelines shall govern in the event of a conflict with these rules. You agree to be bound by the rules by submitting an entry for the Awards.